For Timeless Elegance, Consider Hair Replacement Wigs in Northern Virginia

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Although more and more enterprising physicians are setting up shop and selling hair replacement wigs in Northern Virginia, clinics focusing on hair loss treatments are still quite few and far between. People who are at a loss for hair loss solutions find themselves traveling long distances to credible institutes – but those who make the regular trips can attest to the fact that they are trips worth taking.

Hair replacement wigs in Northern Virginia are a viable alternative to surgery or medication. You could also pursue it as a complement to surgery or medication, if the budget permits. And the best part is, any man or woman living in this area does not have to comb the state to find a competent wig-maker.

It has also become convenient to wear wigs and toupees, unlike in the old days. The adhesive tapes on hair replacement units have become so durable, a person wearing the unit no longer has to worry about his or her wig being blown off by the wind or turned askew with sudden movements. In fact, a person wearing a wig can now go and do “daring” activities such as skydiving or windsurfing without any fear of his or her hair piece flying off his or her head.

Hairpieces aren’t a “wash and wear” affair, however; like regular hair, they need a lot of attention. Toupees and wigs should be cleaned regularly. The adhesive residue on the wig itself should not be allowed to build up. Adhesive residue buildup can be harmful when absorbed by the skin. Also, the chemicals in wig adhesive residue can cause irritation to the scalp and discourage rather than promote the growth of new cells in the hair follicles of the scalp. Besides being unhygienic, just think of how you’ll look wearing a dirty wig! You’ll be defeating the purpose of purchasing a hairpiece in the first place.

There are quite a few men and women who nonetheless look askance at the idea of wearing wigs. Abundant hair growth has always been associated with beauty and good self-image, not just with women but with men as well. The fear of being found out that one is wearing a wig can sometimes cause so much anxiety, so much that it hinders the formation of new relationships and strains existing ones. Wearing wigs can also become uncomfortable.

For the moment, hair replacement wigs in Northern Virginia are among the more popular options for people suffering from hair loss. But all one has to do is to keep an open mind, and more options shall be available.


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